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Default Re: ia64 driver for 2.6?

Originally Posted by zander View Post
We discontinued NVIDIA Linux/ia64 graphics driver support years ago. Although it may be possible for third-parties to resurrect an old driver and make it functional on current Linux 2.6 kernels, I expect this would require a significant amount of work. Getting the user-space components to work, especially the X driver (even on very old X servers), may present an even greater challenge. In my book, it is not feasible.
I was abt to compile it using some patch for kernel 2.6. It installed also fine. I have itanium ia-64 box. There to enable the nvidia graphics I changed the primary device to be the nvidia. Now my graphics is not visible. Although it must be smaller problem. I noticed that the nvidia-xconfig didn't install with this package. Its a wonderful exe. Been using it on xw series workstations ( with default installed nvidia cards ).

Is there any such installer with this package which can generate the xorg.conf file ? How can I know my system is taking which graphics ?

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