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Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
No, he had it right. Ati would be much better off without AMD, the same can't be said for AMD without Ati.
ATi would have closed their doors years ago if AMD had not bought them and kept them afloat.

AMD is a much larger company than ATi, and together their market cap today is $4b. That means ATi these days would have a market cap under $2b, if not $1b.

Since being purchased by AMD, the graphics division has mainly lost money, occasionally making a couple million here and there.

All the "their strategy is to make second place GPUs and sell them cheap!" PR spin in the world can't change these facts. Like I posted long ago, when ATi lowered their prices and started selling their top end products for $300 instead of $500 and their midrange for $200 it was the LAST thing they needed. They were buying market share at the cost of profit per unit (same as AMD) at a time when they needed money.

The ATi of old no longer exists, and I would not be surprised if the 7000 series is their last high end product.
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