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Default Re: "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop."

Originally Posted by pielgrzym View Post
I've tried to increase QUEUE_SIZE in xserver/mi/mieq.c to 2048. The freezes remain, backtrace and EQ overflowing are gone from logs. This happens only when I try to use opengl. Most of time the first freeze occurs 1-2 minutes from starting opengl app. The third freeze is permament - killing the app does not work, killing entire X (from ssh) results in blank black sreen (like ttX), without ability to do anythin (like all input was dead). With beta drivers it's even worse - usually opengl apps produce black screen and the freeze
I can confirm these freezes. It freezes when using KDE with enabled composition or when I'm watching a movie with mplayer2 set to use vdpau. When I disable composition it works like a charm. Changing mplayer's video output to xv also fixes this problem.

CPU: Intel Core i5 520M
Memory: 8 GB (2x 4GB)
Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 5100M

Using Gentoo Linux
nvidia-drivers version: 290.06 (also tried 285.05.09, nothing has changed) server version: 1.11.1 (also tried 1.10.4, nothing has changed)
Linux version: 3.1.0 (using ck- patches)

I will post nvidia-bug-report and log as soon as i will get another computer to be able to connect via SSH to freezed computer. What more information do you need?
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