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Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
Well you probably will regret switched from android to 4s, iphones and itouchs still has worst battery life on iOS 5. On heavy, medium and light usage, android outperformed iphone.

Like you I dont used phone that much everyday, some day I was on wifi on Samsung Galaxy S II for 1 hour on full charge, the battery dropped to 85% but on my ipod touch it drained down to 40%, drained 1% every min. Without wifi but read and send sms last 12 days. Awesome
You guys know that the iPhone 4S has a battery issue with the OS right? Quick hint, disable Location Services and you'll get way better battery life. My wife uses her iPhone 4 a ton every day and gets a full day use with no problem.

Don't worry nV Andrew, you picked an awesome phone. I can't wait to get mine in another month.
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