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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Wow, you really turned into a console snob really quick. Enjoy playing with the other 12 year olds and their noob sticks. Hope you red ring launch day!
Not really bro, I just hate to tweak and tinker, therefore I don't want to read a 100+ page thread of tweaks, how good someone's framerate is, AA, AF, etc. Video games are a source of entertainment and fun, and CoD delivers. I rarely hear about the fun factor of games anymore due to all the benchmarking going on.

Funny you should mention 12 year olds. I tried for years getting my coworkers and friends on the PC bandwagon and they simply wouldn't budge. I missed a lot of gaming with my friends, not to mention all the awesome games that are console only. It's going to be a great feeling when I launch MW3 and I can play with my friends!

As for your last comment, that was uncalled for. I expect that garbage type of comment from some other "elitests" around here but not from you.

Back on topic, I'm really stoked about Monday night. I've decided that I'm going to my local GameStop midnight release since I have Tuesday off.
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