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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Intel has been in the same position when their first power-hog, high-clock, not-full-cores architecture tanked, Netburst. They went back (or sideways) to something that was derived from the earlier designs.

I don't see that AMD can't do that. They make reasonable amounts of money.

The way I see it AMD had, until last week, been the company upholding CPUs that perform well and predictable for non-multimedia and hard to multithread code. My Phenom II with Turbo blasts through the typical "how long do I have to wait for this C++ lib to link" very well. The only drawback is idle power higher than I would have liked.

AMD also gives us ECC support in desktop CPU and unlocked multipliers for cheap. Intel is on it's first generation of reasonably priced unlocked multiplier CPUs and that party will be over if AMD goes out.

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