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Default Just ordered a 5800 for $350

This will be my first venture into a 4x2 pipeline world of nvidia so I thought I'd buy the first 0.13 micron DDR2 part ever produced.

True, you can get quicker for less ( and I can afford the whole range so no point carping on about the 5900 non ultra ) but this is history in the making, the next ( slightly wobbly as it turned out ) step .

It's even green and has the nvidia recommened heatsink.

Lets say the Rolls Royce Phantom of the graphics world. Another glass of champers vicar, while we roll along ?

I have a warm sort of historical glow enveloping me, and it is even the rosier for the thought that Hellbinder has to accept that nvidia is still making money out of these cards 12 months later ..chuckle ..


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