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Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-

I am 100% fed up with the toilet that these forums seem to have turned into lately. The bickering and BSing is at an alltime high.

Case in point, before the forums were hacked I had just under 2000 posts. Now it has been HOW long and I have barely broken 100.

To those here that are still cool, I say rock on.

To those who piss me off lately, I say .|..
Maybe because you don't care enough to post more often than twice a week?

I have always been a calm person. I almost NEVER get mad. When something is not to my liking, i throw a complaint or comment, and that's usually it. But i saw that as a direct personal attack. If you've got a problem with me come out and say it to my face. We'll work it out. DON'T just spell it out and try to start a sort of mob mentality.

Who pisses you off lately? Really, care to tell us? It would avert miscommunication. Since everything has been laid bare on the examination table, why not add that one little thing.

Maybe then most peoples' delusions of friendship will be dissolved.
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