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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Yeah, because they didn't also go for smaller die sizes or anything, they just said "lets sell our same old chips for less profit!". Their prices are in line with the die size differences compared to NV on the high end, considering the performance delta isn't as large as the die size or price difference I'd have to say it's a pretty good strategy.

But of course you'll overlook tiny facts like that in order to troll.
And yet which company made more money this year, is worth about 8X as much, could buy the other with cash, likely won't be announcing their departure from high end gaming this week, and isn't laying off all their best people while the world wonders if they'll be in business next year?

Maybe the strategy wasn't so good or profitable as you say?

When AMD is making CPUs for micrwave ovens and graphics for cordless phone handsets, what the heck are people on the internet going to debate?

"Well if ATi and 3DFX had survived, their products would have been better!"?

Wonder what will happen on AMDZone if AMD leaves the high end behind?

"Dude AMDs new Forklift cpu offers 27% of the gaming performance of a Bulldozer! It's looking to be one powerful chip!"
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