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All depends on the ratio of FOV too. Not sure what it is set at in BF3 but i do know that in CoD4 promod the ratio was turned up to 1.125 so that a fov of 80 would become 90.

Its hard to go off what setting it should be in BF3 if we dont know the ratio...In the menu it says vFOV but i have my doubts as 74 would become 100 hFOV and tbh it doesn't look anything like 100 hFOV as i would get extreme fisheye effect from that. The aspect ratio plays a big part in FOV too. Best thing to do is find what suits you best by tweaking it untill your happy with the distance from enemy i.e the higher the setting the further away the enemy becomes and the smaller the head becomes...but the higher the setting the more you can see on the sides, combine that with fisheye effect and find what looks and plays best for you.

Stock CoD4 was editable from 65-80 fov, i used a 74 FOV in that too.
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