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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by uOpt View Post
Yeah but they can still shut out the door unlocked multiplier or all overclocking for that matter.

And they can make wanting ECC really expensive and inconvenient. Have you tried assembling a single-socket 1155 Xeon system with ECC? Seen what kind of ridiculous offers there are in the mainboards section? How few slots? In $200 boards?

Of course cheap unlocked multipliers are a new thing even for AMD but their move got Intel rolling, too.
Actually I think selling CPUs in a stale market is what got intel to do things like unlocked multipliers.

They have 80% of the market, do you think they actually were sitting around the R&D dept saying "Willikers guys! AMD is selling 20 of every 100 CPUs these days, we'd better follow suit on the unlocked multipler thing before they claim 21%!".

SB cpus are so much better than PhenomIIs they could have sold just as many with a locked multiplier.
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