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Default Re: lockups w/ Quadro 1000M and 64 bit Ubuntu 11.04, Fedora 15 w/ 270.41.19 or 270.4

Originally Posted by sandipt View Post
For Ubuntu 11.04 x64 :

This issue is not reproduce with same notebook except Product Name and BIOS Version. Notebook I used GPU Quadro 1000M (GF108GL) , Manufacturer: LENOVO, Product Name: 427625U, Version: ThinkPad W520, Family: ThinkPad W520, BIOS : 8BET30WW (1.06 ) .

You are using Product Name: 4270CTO with BIOS Version: 8BET44WW (1.24 ).
I can reproduce it on 64 bit Ubuntu 11.10 with a 427637U and Bios 1.3.2 -- if Intel VT-x is enabled in the BIOS. It locks up very early in the boot process. if Intel VT-x is not enabled, it boots and runs ok. Nvidia driver version is 280.13. Unfortunately without Intel VT-x, I cannot run VirtualBox, as for some reason it won't allow me to disable VT-x in its settings.

I took at a look at the instructions you gave for Fedora 15, but I'm not sure how to make them applicable to Ubuntu 11.10. If you'd like to suggest something to try on Ubuntu 11.10, I'd be happy to try them out.
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