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Default Re: LG TV no video when no audio; when audio active, video works

Originally Posted by ktbos View Post
It did make it into later versions of the 2.6 kernel exactly as NVidia had described in this thread. I was able to use those versions and confirm that the problem was fixed. I later rebuilt my whole system using Mythbuntu 11.04 which uses kernel "2.6.38-11-generic" that had the bug fix out of the box.

That being said, I have no knowledge about kernel 3.
Well, thanks for the info! You know I think I messed something up with xorg.conf while enabling/disabling the DFP/CRT inputs. I'll give it another whirl tomorrow. Thanks again!

I put Natty back on which comes with 2.6.38-8 but upgrades to -12. Works fine with that. I'll try the 3.0 kernel again soon.

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