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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Actually what I said still applies. Yes the ratio of die size to prices was roughly equivalent, but what if they had split the difference and pocketed another $75/chip? Once you get people expecting to pay much less for your products, hard to go back to higher prices.

Or are you saying AMD didn't need the money?
This is what you said,

All the "their strategy is to make second place GPUs and sell them cheap!" PR spin in the world can't change these facts. Like I posted long ago, when ATi lowered their prices and started selling their top end products for $300 instead of $500 and their midrange for $200 it was the LAST thing they needed. They were buying market share at the cost of profit per unit (same as AMD) at a time when they needed money.
Now you're admitting they didn't sacrifice profit per unit. Flip-Flop.

Point is that last 5-10% extra performance that NV are getting comes at the cost of 30-40% more transistors. There is a market for that, and that market will happily pay AMD for its products if they return to that strategy and deliver on the performance front. It's a tough strategy though - having the halo product is great and all (although AMD technically still have that) but it's getting harder and harder as we move on and hit power and heat barriers to deliver these ultra high end products. Then you have to either bin these products for the slightly lower end or spend more on R&D for a mid-high end product. AMD's strategy was very valid on the desktop front IMHO, for other markets, maybe they did sacrifice? They never really had a foot hold in these markets in the first place, however.
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