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Default Which gaming headset ?

Ok so my microphone on my current headset (creative fatalitys) decided to stop working today and im in the market for a new headset.

Now firstly i aint a lover of gimmicky usb surround headsets, they offer only virtual surround that a creative x-fi cms3d does a lot better on a stereo headset, so if i went down the path of getting a surround headset it would be 1 of 2....

Firstly the Roccat Kave 5.1 headset which is priced at 65. I've read mixed reviews on this headset most saying they are awesome in what they do but unfortunately the quality just isnt quite there especially for music although the surround in gaming and movies is better than any 5.1 gimmick virtual surround headset. Im not too keen on the design either as they do weigh quite a bit at over 600grams and the cans are huge. I reckon this would make long gaming sessions quite uncomfortable.

Secondly is a razer product thats due for release next month (Razer Tiamat 7.1). As with the Roccats 5.1 Kaves and 8 drivers the Tiamat is a true 7.1 surround headset with a total of 10 drivers. There isnt any reviews of this product yet as it is unreleased. I would say the specs are quite mediocre but what isnt is the price coming in at approx 160. These are the worlds first true 7.1 headset and they do look astonishing but are they worth the price and wait ?

And lastly is a good old set of stereo headset (Corsair vengance 1300). These are also pretty newly released and feature a 50mm Driver for thundering bass. As with the other 2 headsets mentioned again the specs aren't really audiophile quality but for a stereo gaming headset are quite good. I also love the design of this headset and the looks with the wide thick head band and full over ear cans. Reviews of this product have been good so far with each review mentioning good quality sound and thumping unparalleled bass due to the 50mm driver. This set obviously costs a little less than than the Roccat Kaves and more than half the price of the Razer product at 60.

So, should i take the surround headset the difference really that much as it is with surround speakers compared to stereo speakers. And if i do go this route which should i go for ? Or do i take a good old trusty pair of stereo headset that do look quite good and apparently sound brilliant for a stereo headset.

Help me decide please.
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