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Default Upgrading for BF3 (clueless)

So, years ago i used to buy 2 of every flagship card , overclock overything and run benches .

Today, not so much, and i'm very much out of the hardware loop .

All the games i buy and play work perfectly on my (what i realize now) outdated system. That is untill i picked up BF3

I'm still on XP , first game i encountered that does NOT work on XP.
I was shocked but i guess it's finally time to upgrade .

Rest of computer is :

evga X58 SLI (tri sli possible, and SOME crossfire support but not fully if i remember correctly)
i7 920 DO @ around 4 ghz ( i haven't checked in ages, but is on 1.235 Vcore and still prime stable after years lol)
Memory , 3 x 1 GB of some OCZ DDR3 memory
2x GTX 285 videocards

I'm guessing i need to upgrade, if i want some nice graphics, but it seems that today the choice in videocards has become retarded. So many cards with so little difference in performance and price it's stupid.

Time for 1000 euro's on 2 videocards has passed . I don't want to anymore, so i was thinking about 2x GTX 560 ti's ?

How is that for bang for buck ?

And do i also need to get more RAM ? Recommended says 4 GB of RAM, what the hell is happening i feel so bloody old all of a sudden . What abomination of a game needs 4 GIGS OR RAM !?!?!

I'm TOTALLY out of the loop, i had to check in my PC to see what hardware is in there , so please keep it simple.

Recommend me an upgrade path PREASE

p.s : Nvidia only, i have no intention of switching motherboards
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