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Default Re: Upgrading for BF3 (clueless)

Originally Posted by z44 View Post
Well, i'm on windows 7 now, and i think it's slow, clumsy and jerky compared to XP but it must be because i'm a relic or something

And where is OUTLOOK EXPRESS !?

Can i just install an email client without that MOUNTAIN OF CRAP like hotmail this and Live that ?

I'm not happy at all but then again i always find it a pain in the ass to do a new install with all the stupid popups of adobe and whatnot

Anyway, sorry for the rant , time to install BF3 , and see if i can get 'origin' (yay ) to work

thx guys ill let you know how it runs
Don't install ANYTHING into W7 until you have completed ALL W7 updates, that will take hours, make sure everything is up to date driverwise too.

Then start installin ****.

Good luck.
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