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1.0-4620 and the new 1.0-5238 are both IA32. Neither will help those of us running AMD64 Linux, it's 1.0-4499 for now, till NV kicks out a new AMD64 build.

Also, using a K8 and an Nvidia card does not mean you're using the Nvidia 64bit driver, mentioned in the thread title.

1.0-4499 appears to be badly broken, though. Parts of NV's AGP handling, and possibly some of their 2D/3D accel is not working. The line that shows it's happening:

0: NVRM: AGPGART: unable to retrieve symbol table

I get that repeated many, many times, in my log. After speaking with Dave Jones and some others, I got AGPGART working fine. The Nvidia driver, however, is still broken. Even though AGPGART is working and the driver reports AGPGART is enabled and working, it's not really. My glxgears scores in PCI mode and in this 'new' AGP mode are *identical*. Nvidia's stuff is reporting AGP is working, but it isn't.
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