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Default twinview

First ,thnxs.
Second , I do not think I have WinView
(I am not an expert ; is there a way which i can know -
physically or by some utility - if I hae or not have a TwinView?)
maybe I was misunrderstood . I do not mean viewing both TV and Computer
at the same time , but switching between one to another.
(However , if there is some way with virtual desktop , even
if it does not give perfect results, it sounds interesting and I will appreciate
anybody who will advice a bit about how to do it).

If there is a way to switching between TV and computer I would thank anyone who
will tell me how.

> "For the second problem, "Ctrl+ALT+Backspace" out of it. It's dirty, but it works."

I think I tried "Ctrl+ALT+Backspace " to return to the PC
monitor and nothng appened ; I will check again soon.

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