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Default Re: NVnews Official Skyrim - Elder Scrolls V Thread

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I am very tempted to buy this. I'm really itching for an epic SP experience. I had high hopes for BF3 after watching the initial trailers for the SP campaign. But when I found out the SP was only 5 hours long and essentially a very prettied-up rehash of other game stories I decided to cancel my pre-order. Didn't mind much because I've always know BF for the MP- never got into it my self but that's what gave it its fame. So I always suspected that the SP may be a bit of a let down. I've yet to buy it.

However Skyrim is entirely SP. And I thoroughly enjoyed Oblivion. *REALLY* wanting this game however part of me feels to wait till I purchase a more potent video card. This 4870 is epic and all, but the 512MB framebuffer will certainly be a limiting factor at my monitor's native resolution of 1920 x 1200. Not too mention this GPU offers roughly the performance of a 5770.

Unless something unexpected occurs I'm already anticipating performing some upgrades to my rig this winter and I'd kinda' like to hold off playing this till my upgrades are done. First play through done in all it's glory I guess you could say.

Meh, maybe by waiting it'll be fully patched and any bugs will be dealt with. Guess I can wait a bit.
I hear Skyrims requirements are pretty easy going Deemed. The word is, if you can play Fallout 3 fine, you can play Skyrim fine. I tried to tell my sister that anyway, but she's dropping a couple k on a new system anyway. Guess who gets to build it however. ::

I excited myself, but can't play till after this weekend. The in laws are coming by and knowing them, they have nothing planned, but if you do anything but watch or play sport you're wasting your life. SO I'll be sitting in front of the plasma watching OneHD (sports channel) all weekend.
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