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Default Re: If Quake was made now.......

Ports have been around forever, a lot of cheap games that appeared on those shareware discs were ports, like Body Blows (an Amiga game no?) Street Fighter 2 series, Primal Rage, even some of the early sierra and Lucasarts games were developed with a non PC platform primarily. These all had problems, requiring faster PCs than they really should have, bad midi music where the lead platform used a Tracker based system. PS1 ports were often the worst for that Time Commando and FFVII both had shocking midi music where the PS1 versions had decent soundtracks.

My first computer was an Amstrad in 1987, the majority of it's AAA title library were bad ports from other systems like NES, Commodore, Mastersystem.

Moral of the story. Ports have been around forever and kids these days should shut up.
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