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Default Re: GPU at $BUSID$ has fallen of the bus

Yeah, I'd like to add, that my issue starts about 15 secs after starting X. I hardly ever manage to login KDE 4 completely (using kdm as login manager).

Currently the only semi-stable versions I got are (quite rare lockups):

Kernel 2.6.32 (yeah, I know its ancient)
Xorg 1.10.4
NVIDIA Drivers 270.41.19

My issue is definetly not hardware failure or temperature related. The machine runs non-stop for days using this driver or windows.

@vojta: The only reason I said something about "reverting to Xorg 1.10.4" is that this enables you to revert to older NVIDIA drivers to, which only support that ABI, e.g. in my case 270.41.19.
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