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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Please tell me you weren't one of the guys who complained Crysis was too system hungry and poorly coded.
Not at all crainger man. Crysis was one of the last games that actually pushed systems and made people want to upgrade. I'll be the first to tell people to lower their settings if a game is running slow because of hardware. GTAIV was a masterpiece and coded as such. I also commend Crytek for creating games that are forward looking, games that are meant to run their highest settings on next years hardware or the year after. That, is something too many people don't understand or don't like.

What I meant was this is the year 2011 and my graphics card is at least four years old now and it will still be able to run MW3 @ 2048x1536 4xaa 16af with everything maxed out. This is because the game, the engine and the textures are from 2007 made to run on hardware from 2007, i.e. consoles and four year old graphics cards, yes I said it.
Think about this, one of the most popular games ever made, COD, is still DX9...Why, why isn't it pushed? I would think with their millions and billions of dollars made they could at least go DX9-10 and add some soft particles, dynamic lights, maybe even some physics if they used some of their overhead when running on something like a 580GTX. Those things have so much power left it really not even funny. So much power the game can be rendered across three monitors essentially tripling the load.

Now, I have not seen the game in motion on my system yet so I am totally talking out of my ass but my past experience has guided me to this conclusion. COD2 was the last COD I enjoyed. COD4 had one level I liked, Death from above, that's it, I really didn't like the rest of the game. Black ops was laughable. I speak only of SP. MP IMO is one of the largest waists of time ever created. To me it's like playing the same level over and over and over and over, you can never finish and you can never really beat the MP. I indulge BF3 cuz it's BF3 but almost every other MP FPS is very dull to me. L4D I loved because it was very different MP from the standard.

I may still get MW3 provided I hear good things from my friends here and around. I really hope we can all maintain a level of respect and maturity here and are allowed to talk about these things...these facts. I swear to MikeC if this thread gets locked just because people are talking about a sensitive subjects I will not allow myself to come back here and be told what we can and cannot talk about.
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