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Default Re: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

My wife just got an iphone 4. we literally ordered an otterbox the same day.

It's easy to say "well just don't drop the phone and this wont' happen" but it's much easier said than done and almost every one of my friends with an iphone and no case has some sort of damage or cracks in it.

I've got an otterbox for my HTC glacier and it's survived some truly horrific falls with only some minor scratches to the back hard plastic casing of the otterbox. The top/bottom/edges have the inner rubber sleeve of the otterbox protecting them and they're spotless.

Best $40 I ever spent for that.

My old mytouch 3G though was a TANK. No case or cover for it and it got dropped more times than I could count. Scratched up a bit but that phone took beating after beating and never once had a problem. Still have it as a backup.
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