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Default Re: NVnews Official Skyrim - Elder Scrolls V Thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I hear Skyrims requirements are pretty easy going Deemed. The word is, if you can play Fallout 3 fine, you can play Skyrim fine. I tried to tell my sister that anyway, but she's dropping a couple k on a new system anyway. Guess who gets to build it however. ::

I excited myself, but can't play till after this weekend. The in laws are coming by and knowing them, they have nothing planned, but if you do anything but watch or play sport you're wasting your life. SO I'll be sitting in front of the plasma watching OneHD (sports channel) all weekend.
That's what I've heard as well! Odds are it'd run fairly well, maybe even maxed, just without any AA which I could temporarily live with.

However, I just looked over my bank account and... as much as I want to I just can't see it logical to spend $60 on a game, even a game as awesome as this. Filling up the propane tanks this thursday which will likely cost $100+, gonna' make a $200 payment on the credit card (trying hard once again to pay it off completely), gotta' pick up a couple of snow tires and get them studded soon which willl likely be another $200+, gotta' have the brakes done on my car (likely including rotor work) and really don't know what that'll put me out but am expecting again $200+... already I've amost reached my monthly income just there.

Yeah, gonna' have to wait on Skyrim unfortunatley. Besides, I'm really looking forward to upgrading my rig and prioritize that over any video games right now. Way I see it it'll be $60 for a while and who knows, maybe if I wait till after all my upgrades are done I'll get a good sale on it. Kind of a win-win for me- I surprisingly have nothing against $60 for this game so getting it even cheaper is just an added bonus, my HW will be far more than addequate to play this game in all it's absolute glory even with AA at my monitor's native resolution, and likely all the patches will be out by then allowing for a mostly bug-free first-play through experience.

Gonna' be honest though, there are times I hate having "priorities".
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