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Default Re: Official Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Feedback Thread

I knew how it was going to be...If anyone else is complaining then they must have turned a blind eye to all the gameplay vids....Yes it plays and feels like MW2 which was expected. Yes it looks like MW2 which was expected. This is Call of Duty, if you were expecting anything else then more fool you.

I like it, its not the best CoD (cod4 still has that crown) but it is very good and maybe the best cod since cod4. Had a little play with my cfg, not much to change in there but there are some, adding cvars such as maxpackets, com_maxfps and cg_fov do not work. I did however find that enabling multigpu unlocks the FPS but seeing as there is no maxfps setting trying to play a game that variates from 260fps upto over 1000fps can become somewhat jerky and horrible.

It needs a patch or 2 for a few issues, most noticibly is the horrible lag that seems to turn the mouse into a 2 billion dpi setting for a split second. It seems faster paced than other CoD's walk speed and run speed is quite high but i guess that is down to the fast paced gameplay. The dedicated servers dont have as much editing as i would have liked but i still have to learn a little more about them. Where there is dedi servers anything is possible so with or without mod tools it wont be long before we see a competition mod.
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