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Default Re: NVnews Official Skyrim - Elder Scrolls V Thread

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Too much real life for internet 'Deemed. Though you should aim to buy it full price. Don't wait too long, Bethesda will be pretty strapped for cash till you pick the game up.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
At least you got a great price on those snow tyres! $200 sounds great. That is for a car/truck, right?

I completely understand what you mean. And I think you're prioritizing just right. Besides, it'll be the same game in a few weeks/months anyway - there is no rush.
1989 Buick LeSabre. Thanks Slawter. There are times I'm tempted to pickup another full time job just to double my income. I'd have far less time available for what I'd enjoy but money would become much less of an issue.
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