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Originally posted by SuLinUX
Well in KDE it has Kgamma in the control center where the themes are (in Suse anway) you can use gamma and the RGB colours.

Also the nvidia panel that comes with the 4620 drivers has controls,


I already wrote about this issue in the past... I really missed all the controls, like gamma, when under linux/X, while this has been possible under windows for a very long time. Not to mention as wonderful tools like powerstrip over there.

xgamma or Kgamma, by the way, does NOTHING for contrast control. "contrast" is different from brightness and from gamma.

But yes, the control panel utility that comes with the 4620 beta drivers is progress - and you can also use it with the officially released 4496 drivers.

I am also one of those who wonder why this control panel is missing in the officially released drivers, including the very latest. Could it really do any harm?

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