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Default Re: Drivers after 280.13 break transparency in TF2.

I added the bug report log to the main post as requested, after once again reverting to one of the 'bad' setups. Should I add one for the good setup?

Also.. re-added the probably irrelevant error I had before to the first post.

..Also, I see now what happened with the posts being all messed up.. when I log in, the posts reverse the order that they were in not logged in, so I had edited the posts thinking I had done something to make them backwards when they were actually just fine and managed to overwrite the first one instead. Oops. Fixed that option in vbulletin settings in userCP, which I managed to activate at some point not noticing it. Also, some browser addons were messing with the layout.

.. Anyway, all fixed, I suppose. Sorry for the confusion
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