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Default Re: MW3 Graphics Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
I'm sorry but I wasn't done. I didn't write all this just to have the thread closed and forgotten. Thread

No sir. It is that GTFO talk that is the problem. People here in the PC forum would like to talk about the lack of innovation and visuals in modern PC games. Who here is the troll... exactly? The ones that would like to voice their opinions and views or the one telling everyone your opinion is wrong because it differs from my own. Six Storm made a good point, Viral makes a good point almost everyone else here makes a good point. Your first post was okay, I guess but it had absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about here. It's great that you enjoy the game, I don't doubt that many will. This thread was started to talk specifically about the graphics in this game on PC hence it being in the PC forum. So who here is really the troll? Why should this thread be closed again because you don't mind the graphics so everyone else should live with it or get the **** out. No sorry I will not get the **** out.

I'm disappointed in MW3. COD was founded on the PC. The PC gaming industry gave birth to COD, MOH, FarCry and the entire battlefield series. They are all very close to my heart as some of the best games that ever existed. I mean look at the what if Quake was made today. That's not funny it's a fact and it's sad. If it wasn't for the innovation of the PC COD would simply not be. There would be no COD, no Crysis, No Battlefield, maybe even no FPS games. Multi-player games where even founded on the PC and up until a few years ago it was unheard of to have a console MP game. What was the very first FPS game on consoles. Doom or unreal I think but I'm probably wrong. A keyboard and mouse seems to work much better than a game pad but people have learned to deal with. I have dealt with games that will not work with standard PC game pad because Microsoft wants to sell more 360 controllers. My point is FPS games where founded on the PC. Without continued innovation in the PC game market things are going to get stagnant very quick and there will be no more PC gaming. We are already seeing this. There has been virtually no reason to upgrade a GPU since this started... unless your running some incredible setup with a hug display or two or three of them and in 3D. If we want to see innovation and the pushing of the envelope again we must demand it!

I demand better & different game play, mass physics, high quality textures, good voice acting and writing. I demand better graphics and puzzles.
I ask the developers and publishers, who is up to the task?
Who will start a new COD or a new FarCry?
Will we ever advance back to RB6 strategy or quake/Decent level depth?
Will there ever be another Mech Warrior game worthy of the title.
What is to come after first person shooters...Something that's for sure but it's not whats going on right now.

I asked that the other thread not be closed. I'm seriously about to leave this forum and never come back and you can all watch the site die as threads are closed and discussions shut off. Just go ahead and rename the site before it's really gone. Nvidia means nothing to anyone anymore!

The original bait thread was created comparing the visuals of BF3 to MW3....The latter which has better visuals than quite a few other titles released this year....

Creating a thread that has been carried on from a closed thread is a bannable offence here. Hope an Admin see's fit to put you on vacation troll.
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