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Well, finally got the chance to play the full version, and all I can say is: WOW! For all the bad publicity the game has gotten (well, mainly just certain chat rooms) I'm amazed at how good it is. I've only played it with the 1.1 patch, but so far I haven't run into many major issues or location-based damage. For one, the interface is working just fine for me (the way that everything takes up 1 slot is kinda limiting, but then again I am a bit of a grenade hog), in fact I like it BETTER then DX1's in some ways. And there is DEFINATLY location-based damage, but it seems to only be mainly noticable with the pistol and sniper rifle (though it's pretty hard to see where your shotgun and SMG bullets are hitting). But I LOVE the new bio-mod system, it's nice the way that you actually have to make more important choices about what to get, and the passive bio-mods are such a huge improvement over the origional's "activation-only" mods. And it makes upgrading them so much more important, it was very strange in the origional having a bio-mod that decreases the energy cost of the other bio-mods (which of course can be upgraded to take up less energy), and then having a skill like Cloaking which when upgraded takes up less energy. Wouldn't it make much more sense to upgrade the total-energy-reducing biomod rather then the cloaking one? Let alone the need to activate a bio-mod to reduce the energy cost of bio-mods...who came up with that system? Also, the side-quests are very numerous, and I now actually have some worthwile things to spend my money on (unlike the origional). I've been playing for a little under 2 hours, and I just left Seatle with over $4000 and 5 black market upgrade canisters (as well as every kind of weapon mod).

The loss of the skill system was at first a bit annoying, but now I find myself using almost all the weapons rather then only the ones I'm trained with (let's be honest, there was no reason to upgrade all the weapon skills equally when you could just poor all your points into 1 or 2). In the same way, the universal ammo system seemed at first really stupid, but it makes the game much less limiting. In the origional, I would always carry a assault rifle, sniper rifle, and shotgun not because I liked using them all, but because I'd never have enough ammo to use any of them individually. I would've much rather not used the shotgun at all, but I knew as soon as I ran out of ammo for the assault rifle that I would've been totally screwed at close range (unless I also put points into melee combat with the Dragon sword, which would take skill points away from other things I wanted to upgrade). I'm amazed at how negativly this was recieved, as other games had univeral-ammo systems and I don't remember hearing anyone complain about it (Star Trek: Elite Force for example). Now, I'm going through the game with a pistol and sniper rifle just fine, with plans to use the Mag Rail once I get it. Also, the upgrades are now very useful, and since you can only put 2 on a single weapon, you're encouraged to make each weapon have a purpose. Again it seems like they've "trimmed the fat" by getting rid of unneccisary things (was there ANY real point to using a laser sight when you automaticly have a targeting cursor?).

Also, I'm wondering where the whole "consolitis" idea comes from. So far the only thing about the game that I can tell was definatly modified for the console is the level size. Loading times are more common, and the areas are smaller then in the origional. However, I found it to be just fine the way it is, and didn't detract from the gameplay at all. Performence wasn't great, but it was still a hell of a lot better then I remember Deus Ex 1 to be back in the day (even on my friend's 500 mhz computer). I haven't come across any real AI problems yet, but then again I don't randomly go around shooting people either. Neutrals don't seem to go hostile on you unless they actually see you shoot someone else (or themselves), but considering how many AI problems the first Deus Ex had I wasn't expecting much more out of it.

So anyway, I'm enjoying the game so far. In fact I'm looking forward to playing through the game a second time, simply so that I can have a different type of character (this time I took combat strength, but next time I wanna see what it'll be like with bot domination). I honestly wish I hadn't looked on any message boards about this game, because I was seriously underhyping this game for myself. It may not be a carbon copy of Deus Ex 1, but it's certainly an enjoyable gaming experience on it's own. And I haven't even gotten into the story yet.
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