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Default Re: MW3 Graphics Feedback Thread

A few loud PC fanboi's aint gonna change jack ****. We all know where the CoD series, BF series, Far cry series etc started. Fact is developers develop to make money, not because they like doing it. Consoles outsell gaming PC's by a lot, it is obvious that developers that started off on the PC platform will move to those to make more money once they have there feet settled in the industry.

Crying about it won't help and fact is MW3 will outsell the original CoD1, CoD2 and even CoD4. So what do you want devs to do, just stop making games for Pc altogether? ha i dont think so. Too many times threads are started that are crying about facts we already know. Enjoy the ports or don't enjoy anything at all, it's as simple as that. Besides are they really that bad ? IMO MW3 has the best visuals in a CoD game to date although the PC version is lacklustre from what they could have done but IW stated before the release that all 3 platforms would be virtually the same. But guess what, people will still go out and buy it because the gameplay is immense in the traditional CoD style.

And need to get your head around what is bait and what is opinion. Starting a thread with a visual comparison of MW3 against what is possibly one of the best looking games on PC to date is bait and nothing less. As a PC gamer you should be ashamed of yourself in forgetting that gameplay is what matters most in a game, visuals are merely a bonus.
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