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Default Re: MW3 Graphics Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
Yeah, right? What do we even bother building $3000 machine if it wasn't for visuals?

I did not have to upgrade my machine for the same reason; industry is the same it was in 2007. That's sad

Gaming is all about immersion. After all, I play games to get away from the real life and enjoy the immersive virtual world.

Wait till the next console release, PC will be up to date again.
Graphics are not what a video game is all about, let's just be realistic. It takes more than visuals to be immersed in a game. What about fun? What about controls and gameplay? Features? Sound and Audio? If video games were just visual benchmarks, what a dull industry that would be.

I seriously think that software devs are going to put less and less time and effort into PC gaming as time goes on, it's the sad truth. Consoles are becoming and will become the standard for gaming. Call it "consolitis" if you will but it is what it is. And sure, maybe PC will make a "comeback" but it will be short lived if anything.
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