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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Originally Posted by ArrowMk84 View Post
Wow. Maverick got you guys good!
Yeah, I couldn't believe people just sucked the BS right up.

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
Also remember that xbox has the optional install similar to BF3 I believe. there are some screenshots floating around of the 360 with slow loading textures/blurry stuff and I'm willing to bet that they're playing it from disk vs installed to hdd.

Check video 13 (not installed to HD) at 21 minutes because it's outside, and 14 (installed to HD, as the narrator/gamer states early in the video) during the first 25 percent or so, for the best comparison. Both are blurry, low quality videos compared to what you'll see when you play, assuming you've got a decent display, but you can see how it runs. Both videos show it to run well and load similarly.

To be honest, I can hardly believe what the developers can get out of such outdated hardware. On the PC side, the power of the hardware is impressive, on the console side, the skill of the developer to truly leverage the hardware becomes the impressive part. It seems like PC games are usually written more sloppily, because they can, due to the power of the hardware, and much less sloppily on the console side due to that they HAVE to write less sloppily for the thing to work, much less be competitive. Anyway...
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