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Well, I'm not sure what's going on with the performences, as my 1.4 ghz with a TI4200 runs it fine at 800x600, with the lowest I've seen it drop at around 15 (except for that one area in the inclinator). You'd think that with cards like the FX5900 and 9800 which are supposed to be twice as fast as my TI4200 that the game would never drop below 30 on a good machine. Though I'd like to know how it actually runs on the Xbox, I just have a hard time believing that it could be smooth on that, either.

Oh, and Deus Ex 1 was really skippy with a non-3dfx card for the longest time until a few patches came out. My friend with a Geforce 2 (which hadn't been out for long) said he had to run the game at 800x600 to get decent framerates. Hmm, maybe if they had designed DX:IW around Glide and the T-buffer it would've run better

Though why are people still complaining about the consolitis if the patch fixed most of the issues? Also the interface hardly seems designed for a control pad (except maybe the security terminals and such), it's very easy to move stuff around and equip stuff with the mouse. Though I do remember from the demo that the buttons were set up kinda wierd for adding mods and swapping things around.
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