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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Love it so far. It feels like a more refined, tighter Oblivion. At the same time if feels a little more sterile, however the new way NPCs are handled makes up for that. The distant textures are immensely improved, near textures, not so good. Indoors however is where it really shines. Really nice lighting, detailed enemies and some so far clever puzzles. The music is awesome too, far more epic than Oblivion was. It's pretty awesome to take one a bunch of zombies to the chanting from the trailers. it does feel like you crossed the border from Cyrodil into Skyrim.

So far there has been a lot of hand holding, but I'm still in the tutorial town. Levelling, whilst not an XP system, works better I feel than Oblivion, no need to micro managing skill journals etc to get the best level up. Also they have made it easier to level up skills you might no use so much if you want. Also appears classes are out the window. You just play you class as you see fit I guess.

I think hardcore RPGers might be put off but the simplifying of the Elder Scrolls system. However I'm finding it much easier to just get in a play without worrying about levelling this skill, then that skill, finding this trainer and that trainer just to level efficiently.

I also think those looking for another Oblivion style jump in graphics will be disappointed. It's just a small step up from Fallout 3 graphically.

Anyways it's 3:30am, I need to sleep, but can't wait to play some more.
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