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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Been playing this all afternoon and I actually love it.

PC Gamer's 94 was a worthy score.

There are a few animation issues when out and about such as stuttering mammoths, but I haven't encountered any ground breaking bugs.

The graphics settings are extremely scalable, similar to Fallout NV but also has FXAA options too which is nice.

Textures aren't too great close up indoors, but some of the scenery outdoors is superb.

The levelling up is actually better than expected. It has far more too it than Dragon Age 2 did, you can customise your character with more depth.

The game runs in DX10 which is strange, Frame rate anywhere from 50 upto 120+ depending on where you are but it all feels smooth. SLI usage seems good.

Kill moves are awesome, there is an absolute abundance of quests and people to talk to. Far more than I encountered in Fallout NV.

Really enjoying it.
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