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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

A good review

Iíve been incredibly fortunate this season with my roster of review titles. I thought Iíd played the best of the best, but I should have known that Skyrim would make me eat my words. I love being proven wrong if it has to do with technical excellence, and this is a prime example. Skyrim completely absorbed me and made me forget the world I live in. My bias alone prevents me from disappearing into it forever, as I am and always will be a lover of sci-fi and space. But despite all that, despite its fantasy and magic, Iím entranced. It was as though a hand enclosed around my heart and pulled, bringing me into a world Iíd never bothered to understand. An occasional clipping issue or glitch couldnít loosen its grip and I was at its mercy. Everything here delivers. The graphics and sound are astounding, the world lives and breathes and every part of the combat and skill system makes you feel like youíre a part of it all.

This is what we all wanted. Itís so refreshing to see what was promised, delivered, and then some. Sons and daughters of Skyrim, I dare you to embark upon a journey of your own and deny yourselves the same snare that caught me.

This is the future Iíve dreamed of.
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