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Default Re: Steam database hacked. Encrypted credit card information and passwords compromise

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
And for the record Sony took exactly 6 days to tell people...the same time it took Valve. This happened months after the Sony incident and as many as THREE times as many credit cards could have been compromised as well as entire gaming libraries.

Your post is exactly what I was expecting when I made my last post. The fact that this situation is possibly WORSE than the PSN situation and you could still defend Valve while at the same time attack Sony shows just how ridiculous your anti-Sony hate train is.

Anyone who attacked Sony and doesn't do the same here is either a complete moron or a Valve fanboy.
So the 6th to the 10th = 6 days? Wish I was a math wiz like you... What about the rest? They didn't let on the scope of the breach for over 2 weeks.

Furthermore, all steams passwords were hashed and salted, and CCs encrypted, as opposed to sonys moron level plain text file security. It will take months, maybe years just to brute force a handful of CCs. Sonys breach was bad because of their lack of security.

Edit: I'm not trying to defend Steam, getting hacked like this is a major fail. Its just not as bad as Sonys hack, because their security was in order.
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