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Default Re: Steam database hacked. Encrypted credit card information and passwords compromise

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
So the 6th to the 10th = 6 days? Wish I was a math wiz like you... What about the rest? They didn't let on the scope of the breach for over 2 weeks.

Furthermore, all steams passwords were hashed and salted, and CCs encrypted, as opposed to sonys moron level plain text file security. It will take months, maybe years just to brute force a handful of CCs. Sonys breach was bad because of their lack of security.
Alright, so 4 1/2 is acceptable to you but 6 is just way out of line?

And for the scope of what happens with this mess you have no freaking clue. All Valve has done so far is made a post telling people about it and they are still investigating which is what Sony had to do and it took time. Did Valve magically tell you the extent of the breach today?, they are investigating and I assure you they won't know the extent for a while.

As far as what was taken you are delusional. The only difference is the PW's, Sonys CC's were all encrypted as well but you had no problem giving them a hard time about that at the time, suddenly encryption matters to you? Never mind the fact that if a hacker gets your information you could lose your entire PC gaming catalog, where on the PSN that would have been impossible.

12 million encrypted CC's were taken from an old PSN database and you start spewing hate, but 33 million are taken from the current Steam database and you are defending it? The vast majority of those 12 million cards from Sony were old and out of date, just about every card on Steam is current!!

Sony lacked security? WTF do you call what just happened to Steam? Six months AFTER what happened to Sony and a dozen other companies!

It's seriously laughable how ridiculous your arguments are in the face of how you acted when this happened to Sony. Look up hypocritical in the dictionary, it probably has your picture next to it.
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