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Default Re: Next XBox to use ARM cpu and Win9 core?

MS has been producing things for ARM for more than a decade. (Pocket PC)

The article has some of that marketing speak in it, but essentially they want as much on die as possible. It will have portions of the die reserved for specific tasks since fixed hardware is faster than programmable. With Windows 8 coming out next summer I can see where they get the "windows 9" from, even if it's not entirely correct.

If anything I would have to guess this next generation will likely be a much more mild hardware upgrade than the 360 was. They can move up to 1080p on DX11 and call it good. If COD is anything to go by, console gamers don't seem to mind similar graphics between 5 games. I would guess the focus for the next round will be much more on integration with mobile gaming than it is on graphics.
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