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Default Re: Next XBox to use ARM cpu and Win9 core?

iPad, iPhone and Android devices = ARM

The games are selling like crazy on these devices and they look quite good, although not at HD resolutions. Still, a pumped up ARM CPU could power a console. iOS and Android games are outselling PSP and DS games. I think they're going to go with this type of model alongside with physical media. I don't think they'll adopt bluray, maybe a modified CD like we have now. Maybe.

The fact that MS is making Win8 work on ARM seems to fit as well.

They are even putting a version of the Metro UI on all Xboxes in the next update.

Although many say the PC is dead, it has had a little resurgence lately (very little) because the current consoles are getting older. A few years ago, the consoles were more powerful than what most people had. Now the average PC is more powerful than a console, even though all the games seem to fit the lowest common denominator.

A new set of consoles in 2013 with 1080p graphics will further damage the PC Game market like it did 5-6 years ago. This board and the people who have the desktops you see in our sigs are a niche group.
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