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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
If the game has FXAA option in it, that would probably be your best choice. I can't remember where I read an article but I think it was at [H]. They showed how half of the time using CP setting really didn't do anything to help IQ. It all depended upon the game whether or not it actually worked. The problem with CSAA and MSAA is some of the post processing effects won't be anti aliased since they occur after AA has been performed. FXAA on the other hand is done on the final image before it makes it to your screen. Much less performance hit and still the same IQ.

Not exactly the article I wanted to find but here is a quick summary of FXAA.

EDIT: Found the article I was thinking of. It was at Tom's Hardware:,2868.html

Really good read IMO.
Yes but FXAA doesn't match the quality of MSAA. FXAA for speed, MSAA for quality. FXAA looks blurry and MSAA is nice and sharp. MSAA or supersmapling for best image quality, especially on foliage.
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