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Default Re: 3D emitter lockups, Computer not locked up

Right sorry. Same systems that have this issue:

This (different) issue takes a week or so to crop up. So, it will take some time before I can generate a new nvidia-big-report.

On a system was largely working (see my other post for caveats) the 3D stereo will stop after about a week. During that week the system was rebooted, but never powered off. 3D stereo was used intermittently.

When the 3D stereo work, running "glxgears -stereo" results in a 3D display of gears. "nvidia-settings" shows the menu item for managing the 3D glasses. Also the emitter would turn deep green when 3D stereo was functioning. When 3D items are not displayed on the screen, the emitter is a deep blue color.

By "3D does not work", I mean that while a 3D image is displayed on screen, the 3D stereo system does the following:
- turn the emitter deep green, it stays deep blue
- the 3D glasses do not shutter
- the menu item in "nvidia-settings" for managing the glasses does not display

Rebooting the host system did not resolve the issue.

To resolve the issue, I unplugged the emitter for ~20 seconds, and reconnecting it. The emitter flashed purple (which seems normal). On rebooting the host system, the emitter returns to a deep blue color. Normal functioning as defined above is then returned.
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