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I visit the forums multiple times daily as is my homepage. I only have 184 posts. The number of posting should have no light in this conversation at all. It's not how frequent you post, but how valued your posts are. I also tend to believe the more posts a person has, the higher the amount of spam and BS will come out of their ...uh.....fingers.

If the shoe fits... the adage goes. If you feel you were personally attacked, then fine. Take it to PM's. There were no names mentioned, and there were no punishments dealt out, publically at least. Rules are rules. Learn to follow them, be a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the forums, and expect the mods to do their jobs.

I believe there should be a distinct bold line drawn between the mods and the users. It's not that the mods are 'special' in any way other than having powers to moderate, it's that they have a job to do. And with that comes John Q feeling "opressed" and "denied his freedoms". Well guess what, bubba...That's life. What's that other adage...."If you can't take the heat, like leave or something"?

Rules maintain order. Lack of rules creates anarchy.
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