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Default Re: Steam database hacked. Encrypted credit card information and passwords compromise

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
I'm pretty sure my account was hacked. The password isn't working. I did recover password, and I got the email, however, the recovery question was in french? This **** always happens to me. I hope they don't have my Debit on file, (When I tried to buy something on my Mac recently, it didn't have it) so I'm pretty sure its only tied to this computer. And steam told me that I had never logged into this PC before. I don't even use steam..

lolz.. whoops. I had a different password that slipped out of my mind. Tried that, and it worked. However.. the recovery question was in french.. that's really strange. I guess I'll need to update it.
I wouldn't worry too much, typical encryption nowadays would take years to decrypt your CC #, to the point that its not worth it.
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