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Default Re: Skyrim .ini tweaks

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
From what I've seen so far, the VRAM usage at 2560x1600 Ultra (AA not maxed out) is around 1200MB as well. Maybe a bit higher outdoors.
But the Extreme config, even with a few settings turned off (like Transparancy AA, and only 4xMSAA), completely filled up the VRAM.

I'd say that's why a few others are also reporting artifacts.
That's nuts that just one bump up on the resolution is doing that. I'm using SSAA too!

One thing I did find out, if you are using any ini tweaks that mess with Shadows, the setting fShadowDistance is the reason for the blocky shadows that people are reporting. The further out you make the shadows the lower the quality they are. I've been using that Extreme config and couldn't figure out why my character and tree shadows were so horrible, but after messing with everything else I noticed that the higher the Distance setting the blockier the shadows.

I guess Bethesda did it that way to save performance, but it would be nice to have long distance shadows that looked just as good as when they are turned down.
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