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Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
You still not got it!!!

Maybe you will change your mind by delay it around Dec and push the decision again to Jan then move on to Feb when you read about Galaxy S3 then you decide to skip it to Galaxy S3 when it launch next few months in May 2012.

Bloody hell you should had bought it back in May-June 2011.
Yeah. Unexpected expenses (my macbook for school) But I should have it paid off by early Dec. And then be able to get a phone. It's funny, my contract ended back in March.. I could have gotten a phone in March, but kept putting it off for the Atrix, then the infuse, then the Galaxy S2. Now Honestly.. theres a possibility I might wait for the Galaxy S3 I don't need a phone that bad, my blackberry has no real faults. But yeah.. I need to get my act together
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