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Default Supported anaglyph 3D glasses type?

Ok, so I was left with a pair of red-cyan 3D glasses when a tabloid my grandparents were subscribed to gave a pair with Friday's edition for use with some gimmick they're going to start with soon. I then found out that NVidia supported these kinds of 3D glasses in their drivers as a cheap way of going 3D without having to get a new monitor (big deal to me, since my monitors are touchscreens, and I don't want to trade it in for a 3D monitor with no touchscreen capabilities. My current plan is to run a 3D projector and have it project 3D onto the huge blank wall above the monitors, but then I realize that it can't be good for my neck, and FullHD 3D projectors are currently prohibitively expensive).

I tested them with DC Universe Online, and NVidia does deliver- it was exhilarating to fly around Metropolis and Gotham City in 3D. The only downside is, things in the game only looked greyscale and green on these.

So I did a research on 3D anaglyph glasses and Wikipedia pointed out that there are a few systems out there- some which are capable of almost full color. But I would like to know if NVidia supported more than red-blue and red-green glasses before I pursue getting a pair of these. Specifically, I'd like to know if it support these systems (InfiColor and ColorCode 3D).
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