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Originally posted by RoachMojo
Yeah, you would think it would be above 30fps at 800x600 no matter what with this kind of hardware, but such is not the case. There is NO hardware config that can run this game the way it should.
I ran it on a 2500+ Barton with 9700 Pro in 1024x768 with 2xAA and 2xAF and it ran peachy, not one slowdown or jerk from start to finish. I think this is because it was designed for the Xbox in mind, but I am not denying some people do have problems running it on systems that should with no trouble. I think there is something wrong in the game cos I really had no room to complain about performance.

People are still complaining because they, like me, feel betrayed. Nothing can get rid of the tiny maps, the lengthy load times, the shortness of the game, the lack of the ability to lean. The list goes on. Oh, and about your moving stuff around with the mouse to equip? That was in the patch...Before you had to use the KB to do it.
Tiny maps sucked, but only when I compared them to the size of maps found in Deus Ex. Forgetting the first game made them much more swallowable. The only problem I had with the load times was the stupid resolution switching, but I think that was fixed in the patch. I liked leaning in the first, but looking back on the 2nd I don't think I would have leaned once anyway.

The sequel was not a lot like the first, but I was just happy to get a dose of Deus Ex, even if it was very console like and had a lot of nags. Most of them are fixed in the patch apart from the ones that couldn't be fixed without redoing most of the game. I can't really say the game was bad - I enjoyed it a lot, and is the first game I have played to the end for a long time.
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